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Angela Wilson安琪博士

Sales Executive

Angela started her career in real estate sourcing for foreign investors in luxury properties in China over twenty years ago. Living in Brisbane City, she knows the metropolitan Brisbane inside and out. Living in the City, Angela understands the lifestyle and investment advantages of owning property close to the City and can give prompt service and response to her clients' needs. 

In today’s real estate market, a strategical approach with fast speed to action is vital to clients' success. Over decades of study on the internal connection between property energy/Fengshui, multicultural psychology, holistic wellbeing, and personal growth built an unshakable solid foundation of vitality in customer service and professionalism for Dr. Angela Wilson (Ph.D.)as a full-licensed realtor. 

Her mindset of being of service 365 days as a global peace ambassador and serving clients equals fulfillment. Her approachable nature brings unfair advantages and eases for clients who appreciate a fast response, high performance, effectiveness, and extra confidence to stand out in this competitive competition and dynamic market.
安琪博士作为全球和平大使365天“为他人服务”和“付出即是成就自我” 的心态,加上她朴实的天性为那些欣赏快速反应,高绩效和有效性的客户带来了不公平的优势,放心感 和在激烈市场竞争中的额外信心。

Dr. Angela Wilson was invited in 2009 as an honoured guest speaker and interviewed by Guang Dong TV Station China at the property Fengshui conference as an award-winning property Fengshui master with cutting-edge creative Psychology-Fengshui concept. Dr. Angela Wilson provides her expert opinion as a bonus for clients who look for advice when facing difficult decisions.
安琪博士在2009年作为有独特创新的心理-风水互动理念的获奖楼盘风水大师在中国风水楼盘年度大会上发言,并接受广东电视台采访。 安琪博士为举棋不定的客户提供额外的专业建议。